"World Best Hot Runner Controller"

Tempcontrols series (TC) realizes high accurate temperature control by using an excellent performance processor and reinforces the structure of radiation. In addition, by adopting LCD touch screen
(TC-3200 series), it improves user convenience rather than the existing products.

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Hot Runner Controller

Hot Runner Controller TC-880
Single Zone Type
Controlling precisely temperature with adopting new PID algorithm
Protecting overpower and false connection
Displaying parameters (T/C setting, degree F/C indication, operation tatus, Soft, etc)
Detecting errors (alarm, voltage, heater short, triac short)
Correcting Temperature ( difference and slope compensation)
Algorithm to prevent triac breakage (improve cooling efficiency of heat sink, adopt high power triac)
Protection function against wiring error, heater short, overpower, overcurrent
TC-880 uses cartridges.
Hot Runner Controller TC-880 Series

Loop controllers

Loop controllers