"World Best Hot Runner Controller"

Tempcontrols series (TC) realizes high accurate temperature control by using an excellent performance processor and reinforces the structure of radiation. In addition, by adopting LCD touch screen
(TC-3200 series), it improves user convenience rather than the existing products.

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Tempcontrols, we are specialized in electronic controller part by development, manufacturing and maintenance.
We have provided the hot runner temperature controller with No.1 company as ODM, and we've been got guarantee from the customers as the best quality.
We have been exporting the hot runner temperature controller with the best quality and reasonable price as "TempCube" brand name. We are very proud of our controller as stability and reliability.
we surely suggest our controller in order to improve your productivity and quality.
General Manager Howard Oh
The motto of the company Never give up and challenge everyday
Trust and respect each employees
Location #608, Byuk San digital valley 3, 212-13 Guro 3 dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Factory 7-7 Neung-ju Agricultural complex, Neung-Ju Myun, Hwa Soon Gun, Korea
Web Site www.tempcontrols.co.kr / www.tempcube.com
Specialized in electronic controllers (Development & manufacturing by ourselves)
Having provided No.1 company of hot runner controller in the world in the fast 10 years as ODM.
Making 100% satisfaction with the best quality & stability.
Always promise the prompt delivery, action & reasonable price for all the customers.