"World Best Hot Runner Controller"

Tempcontrols series (TC) realizes high accurate temperature control by using an excellent performance processor and reinforces the structure of radiation. In addition, by adopting LCD touch screen
(TC-3200 series), it improves user convenience rather than the existing products.

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Industrial Controller

Industrial Controller ETHERNET Control Module

ETHERNET Control Module

Connect with the Serial Device directly
   * Adding Network Function Simply and Quickly
   * Providing Firmware Customization
High System Stability and Reliability by using W7100A Hardware Chip
Supports Serial Configuration &ndash with Simple and Easy command
Supports Password for the Security
Easy & Powerful Configuration Tool Program
10/100 Ethernet Interface and max 230Kbps Serial Interface
RoHS Compliant
Control 4 channel output (relay)
Operate 1 channel input
Industrial Controller ETHERNET Control Module Series